Acton publishes low-quality climate change skepticism

A recent “Acton Commentary” starts auspiciously by mocking Pope Francis:

Smiling, lovable, Pope Francis says and does the darndest things.

It doesn’t get much better from there. It would take hours to fact-check and explain the full range of misleading innuendo in this piece, so I’ll stick to just a few.

And does it bother anyone else, for instance, that Pope Francis – or the curial officials advising him – have chosen as his only lay advisor on the subject of climate change Hans Joachim Schellnhuber?

Presumably, that doesn’t bother anyone else because it is not true.

Investors Business Daily has speculated…

Enough said.

In reality, satellite data confirms there has been no notable warming for the past 18 years. Sea ice is on the rise. Crop production is increasing.  Hurricane numbers are down. Sea level rise has declined for the past decade…

Here’s a list of measures cherry-picked to support global warming skepticism. I guess we’re in the clear then. Wait, I just noticed that it’s only one satellite temperature series that agrees with her claim about the obviously cherry-picked “past 18 years,” Arctic ice is near record lows though Antarctic ice is at record highscrop production is not a warming indicator because impacts are mixed, and sea levels are rising steadily, likely at an increasing rate. Did she forget to list any climate indicators? Oh, right: ocean heat content, global precipitation, and glacier mass.

Schellnhuber revised his 2011 statement that the emissions curve needs to peak no later than 2020 in order to meet the 2 degree target.  Now he says: at latest by 2030.  Funny how climate change alarmists will keep adjusting their predictions instead of evaluating new data.

How is “adjusting predictions” based on new data different from “evaluating new data”? I wouldn’t want to speculate. I’ll leave that to Investor’s Business Daily.


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